What can I expect... and first day tips!

When starting out in dance it is perfectly normal for a young dancer to be nervous.  At the Dance Factory, we recognize that all each dancer has a different reaction and comfort level with new surroundings and new people. 

What if my dancer is nervous the first couple weeks?  First of all, if your dancer is nervous or emotional the first couple of weeks, that DOES NOT mean they don't like dance/cheer, or don't want to do it.  It just means they may need a little more encouragement and coaching to feel comfortable.  The first couple weeks, as long as it isn't a distraction, if your dancer would feel more comfortable with you in the room, we would love to have you.   Maybe you dancer would feel more comfortable just observing a class before jumping in with two feet.  Whatever the situation, your dancer's teacher will work with you and the dancer to ensure you both have a positive experience.

QUICK TIP - It may help your dancer if you arrive a few minutes early so they can walk around and take in their new surroundings.  The studio can sometimes be a very busy place and feeling rushed to get to class, especially on their first day can be overwhelming.  

We can't wait to meet you and your dancer!

Jennifer TellComment