Competition & Performing Line Updates!

Hello parents,

I hope you had a great weekend.

Thank you to everyone for your grace over the past 2 weeks. Any time there is change, there will be an adjustment period. Our staff is here for your kids and ready to make this year a fantastic one! DF is More Than Just Great Dancing!

Solo Music Folders:

Solos/Duets/Trios - here is a link to all of the music.

LA Trip We are traveling to LA 8/15-19. We have room for one more person at our Airbnb. Email me if you are interested! Ages 13-up.

Production make up day 12/15 - This is a Saturday and we have an extra production practice on this day since we will miss class for the Holiday show 9AM-noon.

Cleaning weekend - is Friday and Saturday!! This is a mandatory practice session for all Competition groups except for the Sunbeams. The schedule is HERE

We have both guest teachers as well as our current teachers cleaning routines to make them the best they can be!

Fall Merchandise orders-   This year all ordering will be done through an online Google Order form.  If you do need to make a change to your order, it will allow you to do that as well. 

As stated on the order form, there are limited sizing samples.  Samples are located in the store for you to try on.  If you need to try on a size we don't have, please contact us and we will try to find one for you.

In this email you will have links to the following:  order form, pictures of the merchandise that is available to purchase, and the vinyl color sheet.

Orders are due by Saturday, November 10th.  You have the option of paying by cash, check (written out to the Dance Factory) or you may charge your account.

Link to order form: 

Link to merchandise pictures:

Link to vinyl colors:

Please email or call if you have any questions!


Zina Nesler


Character Counts Initiative - We are excited to implement "Character Counts" over the next 6 weeks at DF. Miss Leeah created a lovely poster in the lobby, with a hole to hang "links." When a staff member sees a dancer exhibiting positive behavior and great character (giving an unsolicited compliment, helping out a teammate, cleaning up a mess that is not theirs, etc), they will be given a link to bring to the front desk to hang on the poster. When the links hit the ground, the entire studio will receive a special treat! Read more about Character Counts HERE

Holiday show information - Click HERE for your dancer's show time on 12/16. Click HERE for general Holiday show info. Tickets go on sale this SATURDAY!

If you are interested in helping out in the dressing room or security, sign up in the lobby! You will receive an account credit for your time!

Since we have the stage for the day, we would like to run a handful of competition dancers AFTER the last show. I will let you know by 11/15 which groups will stay late to do this. It's a great opportunity to practice on the stage!

Miss Angelina is coming to DF! - Miss Angelina currently teaches at Diamond School of Dance in Eau Claire, WI. She is originally from CO Springs, CO, and has studied dance in both NYC and LA. She is coming to DF over Thanksgiving weekend to finish up some solo/duet choreography on Saturday, 11/24. She would be willing to stay on Sunday, 11/26 and schedule 1 hour time slots to clean solos/duets and to give an outside teacher's perspective. This is a great opportunity. This will be first come, first serve. Cost is a regular 1 hour private lesson of $55 (or $45 if you have pre-paid privates). Sign up HERE

5 and 10 year dancers! - Is your child a 5 year or 10 year dancer? If so, please fill out THIS form.

Volunteer opportunities - 1/12- Feed My Starving Children - sign up HERE

Future Absences - We have created a sheet for future absences (vacations, weddings, times where you know your child will be gone in advance). Please fill THIS form out and the front desk will notify teachers. 

Production over Thanksgiving weekend - We will NOT have Production on 11/25 over the Thanksgiving weekend. We WILL have practice over MEA weekend this month.

Miss Kaylee's Leadership nights - The dancers had a blast and learned so much last night! I hope you can make it to the next one in 2 weeks Mark your calendars-  11/11, 1/27, 4/14. 8:00-9:00PM at the studio.

Musical Theater class/Acro- In addition to our Acro BOGO deal ($20/month!), we are now offering a special to our competition and performing line students to join our Musical Theater and Acting class for $20/month! Learn acting skills, musical theater dances, and more! Email me if you are interested.

Optional competitions -this year we will be offering 2 optional competitions for solos/duets/trios. Act 1 - 3/15-17 in Hopkins, and Eclipse - 4/12-14 at the Convention Center. Sign up HERE if you are interested.

If your child will be absent- Reminder - Please notify THE FRONT DESK at, or call the studio 651-464-6394 preferably by 4PM. 

Have a great day,


Jennifer TellComment