Competition & Performing Line Updates!

Hello parents,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! If you are on a spring break vacation - I hope you are having a great time.

Open Studio Time - We still have some slots left for you to reserve a studio room to practice your solo on Wednesday and Thursday of this week! Use this link to reserve your room for only $5! 

New Summer workshops for ages 12-up!



Both are online to register! Space is limited.

4/15 charges - There is ONE more balanced billing charge for SOLOS/DUETS/TRIOS. Group billing is now done. Next year solos/duets/trios will be on an 8 payment system like the groups. HERE is the original billing spreadsheet that shows 9 payments for solos/duets/trios.

Spring Break week practice schedule is HERE. Please note - PRODUCTION/TECH WILL BE ON 3/31, NOT 3/24!

Deadline to get discount on AUDITION CAMP IS 4/1!-Don't miss out on saving $25 on audition camp - register by 4/1!

Info on our Competition Program for 2019-20 coming soon! Watch for the virtual presentation coming to your inbox!

Ballroom dance workshop - Miss Grace Kidder will be teaching an intro to Salsa at the studio on 4/19 from 6:30-8 for ages 12-up. Register HERE. $25/dancer

Private lesson sale -Private lessons are going up effective 7/9  to $60/hour (prices have not went up for 4 years). Buy your discounted privates now to use at any time! $45/hour for 10 lessons. You will save $15/hour! Sale goes through 7/9.

NEW Competition picture date - Since we are not having the recital on 5/19, we are moving competition (Lightning and Angels) off-site pictures to Sunday, 5/19. This will FREE UP MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND FOR EVERYONE! We are booked at Bloom Lake Barn  -

We were originally going to have pictures at an old railroad yard, but they are under construction. It's almost impossible to get a barn rental on a Saturday. Bloom Lake offered us Sunday, 5/12, but this is Mother's Day and if I can avoid scheduling something on this day I will. 5/19 was open so this is the day we will take our pictures. Please mark your calendars!

Pasta night 5/2-We will again have our annual PASTA FEED before our last regional competition - on Thursday, 5/2. More details to come! This was such a fun event last year and a hit with our students.

*Please note - Improv camp, Lady Gaga camp, and the Partnering camp dates are still TBD so you will not see them online quite yet.

ATTENDANCE (IMPORTANT)-Per our student contract, a student may not miss any classes the week of a competition, or risk being pulled from that competition. We will make exceptions for people still traveling for spring break into the week of 4/1 but we need to be notified ahead of time.

Upcoming travel opportunities-Looking out to 2020, we will be offering 2 optional travel opportunities. 

Poland Dance Festival - we have done this trip once back in 2014 with about 8 students. It's a life-changing experience! Suggested age 12-up. Check out for information. We will have a short info meeting in the spring for interested students/parents. Trip will be July 2020

Disney!- This will be our 3rd Disney trip. Our dancers have the opportunity to dance on the stage at Disney Springs, and take a workshop class with Disney staff. It's a blast!!!! Trip will be October 2020 over MEA break.

If you have even a remote interest, please fill out THIS form.

10 YEAR STUDENTS-Next practice is 4/12 8-8:45PM

Easter weekend schedule - 4/21 is Easter so we will NOT have Production practice. Update- we will NOT have rehearsal on 4/20. We will likely do a Production make up practice after the recital to get ready for Nationals. 

Miss Kaylee's Leadership nights -  Mark your calendars for 4/14. 8:00-9:00PM at the studio. 

Have a wonderful week!


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