Are there performing opportunities for the dancers? Yes! We have a Holiday recital in December, and a Spring recital in May. Both are wonderful opportunities for dancers to showcase the skills they learned in class.

Can parents observe classes? All of our dance rooms in our Forest Lake location have viewing windows for parents to watch class from the lobby.

How can I get my questions answered at the studio? The Dance Factory has a fully staffed front desk staff and retail store staff to meet your needs. The instructors are always available in between classes to answer questions about your child. We are also available via e-mail and by calling the studio.

What kind of dance flooring is used? The Dance Factory Forest Lake uses a floating dance floor, to prevent injuries, with a Marley overlay. A Marley dance floor prevents slipping and provides an ideal surface for dancers.

What are your class sizes? We limit our pre-school classes to no more than 12 students. These classes have an adult teacher and assistant teacher. Our K-1st classes are limited to 15 students, with an adult teacher and 2 assistant teachers. Grade school classes are limited to 15 students. We keep our student/teacher ration at 8:1. 

Tell me about your teaching staff. All Dance Factory classes are run by qualified, ADULT teachers. We do not have students teaching our classes. Our staff continues their dance education each summer by taking classes to strengthen their skills. The staff meets regularily to share ideas to improve the quality of our classes. The staff is COMMITTED to providing the best possible classes for your child. Many of our teachers have BA degrees in dance education, or have been trained at highly accredited dance studios.